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Your Financial Advocate: CFP® On Demand

Helping you tackle financial goal setting, budgeting & saving, debt repayment, understanding investments and making sense of retirement account options.  

What's included?

  • Initial discovery/consultation
  • On demand fiduciary financial advice from a dedicated CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™
  • Concierge client services & unlimited email support
  • Personal financial management website & client vault for storing important documents
  • An interactive, digital financial plan  updated daily
  • Insurance reviews at no expense (we tell you if you're paying too much for the coverage you have by taking a deep dive into your current policies)
  • Annual checkin with your CFP® (or as needed with any life transitions you may be going through)

This program is designed to offer fiduciary advice and financial literacy, however, you will be responsible for managing your own investment accounts, placing trades and implementing your plan.

What is the cost of doing business? 

We use a simple, straight forward, highly competitive, monthly membership structure with all of our CFP® On Demand Clients. This is what it looks like:

Individuals: $100/month ($1200 annual minimum)

Couples: $150/month ($1800 annual minimum)

Students: $50/month ($600 annual minimum)

CONTACT  to get started.