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Exciting Announcement!  MARIGNY deMAURIAC CFP®,  AAMS® passed the ABFP® Exam Thumbnail

Exciting Announcement! MARIGNY deMAURIAC CFP®, AAMS® passed the ABFP® Exam

Exciting Announcement!

MARIGNY deMAURIAC CFP®,  AAMS® passed the ABFP® Exam

A Message From Marigny:

First, what is the ABFP® designation?

As the first advisor-focused behavioral finance designation, the Accredited Behavioral Finance Professional or ABFP program, enhances a financial planner's emotional competencies, client interactions, and financial planning advice through a thorough understanding of psychological explanations for economic behavior and hands-on practice of knowledge. 

Why is it beneficial for clients who choose to work with deMauriac? 

The Accredited Behavioral Finance Professional program covers topics such as:

  • Behavioral finance theory and implications
  • Heuristics, biases and investment decisions
  • Psychological fulfillment and financial planning
  • Risk detection
  • Investor bias mitigation
  • Neurofinance
  • Impacts of financial crises
  • Emotions in financial markets
  • Psychology of trading and investing and MUCH more!

I look forward to utilizing this information in my everyday practice for the benefit of my clients and to positively impact the community. I cannot wait to share what I've learned with you!

To get a jump start on planning for a successful 2023, I encourage you to check out the following:

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Sustainable Investing

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